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Eclipse Insurance Management Services, LLC. was formed to assist financial institutions in obtaining the highest level of performance from their loan portfolios. The experienced and innovative management of Eclipse is recognized in the industry for its cutting edge ideas. We believe in customization and flexibility in the underwriting of all our insurance products. You choose the type of loans you want to include in your portfolio and we find the way to insure them properly.

The Eclipse Lender's Single Interest Insurance program assures that your collateral is protected 24 hours a day whether your customer insures it or not. Now you can loan money on automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, aircraft, or other chattel and feel secure that it is insured.

Does your loan portfolio require knowledgeable insurance underwriters that remain flexible even with the most unusual collateral? Our underwriting is customized to the type of loans you want to make. Computer equipment sound too risky? Not for Eclipse. You need only verify insurance at the time the loan is closed. Easy. Simple. Safe.

Would you like for your claims to be settled within 72 hours? Our many years in bank insurance prepare us for prompt settlement.

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  • Drastically improve your loan portfolio.
  • Satisfy Auditors and Examiners.
  • In most states the premium may be passed on to your borrower.
  • Protect your outstanding loan portfolio.
  • Eliminate insurance tracking.

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